Reading a Console Test App

  1. Open a new console app in Visual Studio. Put a break point at the closing brace for Main and generate a Son of Strike dump.
  2. If you open this dump with the visualiser you should see 94 objects on the heap created by Visual Studio to manage the code and run the program.
    nothing added example
  3. Now if you initialize a new reference type object, such as a string, and generate a new dump, it will appear in the graph. Structs (e.g. int type variables) won't show up in the graph as they are not stored on the heap.
    String example
  4. Adding the string to a new array:
    String array example
  5. If you initialise more complex objects, rotate the graph to get a clear view of it.
    Another string array example
    String array example from a different angle

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Nick Boon 2015